The first One


We started this blog as first time visitors in California, U.S.A. We would like to share the beauty that we have discovered in United States of America; the things to look out for as a first time visitor here… and just interesting things and people we meet.

California is an array of beautiful landscapes and lovely pieces of nature abound within this  163,000 square miles. It also has a rich vibrant urban life that makes a rich mix with the cosmopolitan culture.

We hope to also share our thoughts and views on different things that may be happening in society especially California.



Prunus dulcis is the scientific name of almonds. These are nuts which originated from the Asian Peninsula and were introduced in California in 1700 AD by a Spanish trade, Franciscan Paldres. Almonds have really flourished in the State climbing up the ranks to be the largest tree not export in the State.

That’s why I could not wait to get a chance to eat these savory snacks.

On Friday I was graced with a chance of eating the most fresh, succulent almonds I have ever tasted. Thanks to a beautiful lady with a generous heart who shared with me a handful of them.  Forget about the ones in the supermarkets and grocery stores that have been stocked for decades of years and when you try to pop them in your mouth, your taste buds even regret their own existence.These were different, they were crunchy, tasty, and freshly picked from the farm.

The best Almonds in the world………